Critical Care

DVC Hospital and Research Center has multi-disciplinary critical care unit with 12 beds ICU and 10 high dependency unit beds. Critical care department is an important medical specialty that care for the patients who are critically ill and requiring support for instability (hypotension/hypertension), airway compromise or respiratory failure (Ventilatory Failure), kidney damage (Hemo Dialysis), Cardiac Arrythmia, Heart failure or severe infections which is usually called as Sepsis with multi organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Patients who need intensive monitoring such as crucial hours after major surgery, poisoning, neurological defects an Trauma patients are also placed in critical care units.

 We are also Specialized in the Management of Critical Medicine at DVC, it is also equipped with advanced facilities and expertise to diagnose diseases that are not easily identifiable.

Our critical care provide 24-hour critical care with monitoring under specialists with combination of multiple specialties.

We provide ventilatory care, Dialysis central line catherization, invasive monitoring of blood pressure, temporary pace maker, enteral and parental nutrition.

Our team consists of intensive care specialists available 24 hours , well trained nursing staff.