General Surgery


Department of General Medicine is Concerned with identification of the diseases based on Patients symptoms and signs and with treatment of the identified disease and also referring the patient to other specialties if required. At DVC Hospital and Research Center General Medicine department is Specialized in the management of various medical illness, both common and some of the rare diseases Equipped with support of critical case department            

     We are also Specialized in the Management of Critical Medicine at DVC, it is also equipped with advanced facilities and expertise to diagnose diseases that are not easily identifiable.

Scope of Services in Department of General Medicine:

Management of Diabetes and its complications Identification of Cases and treatment of fever Treatment of various types of poisonings Treatment of Snake bite, Scorpion strings etc. Management of Critically ill patients in ICU which is equipped with advanced monitoring systems and ventilators. Treatment of blood related diseases like Ammonia Management of hypertension and its complications Identification and management of Endocrine diseases like Thyroid disorders. Diagnosis and Management of all medical diseases involving multiple systems in co- ordination with other specialties like Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology and Gastroenterologists etc.

Our Experts

Dr. Lalith K
General Medicine
Dr. Srivani
General Medicine