Our facility:

At DVC hospital we have advanced machines & equipment like

  • SIEMENS 300 ma x ray machine equipped with Fuji Direct Radiography system. 
  • SIEMENS 100 ma mobile x ray machine equipped with Fuji Computed Radiography system.
  • GE Voluson E6 (1) & Logiq (1) ultrasound machines in OPD.
  • GE Versana (1) & Logiq mobile (1) ultrasound machine in ICU.
  • SIEMENS somatom go now, 32 slice CT machine in OPD floor.
  • We have PACS system for remote access.

Our expertise:

We have well qualified, experienced radiologist & supportive staff to conduct radiology & imaging scans, to read, analyze & report the scans & to maintain the machines in proper condition. 

Our scope:

We perform

  • All types of radiographs (x rays), barium swallow, Hysterosalpinogogram, retro grade cysto-urethrogram etc.
  • Ultrasound scans, obstetrics scans including TIFFA scans, high resolution ultrasound scans, doppler studies & USG Guided procedures.
  • All types of CT scans & guided procedures. 

During COVID outbreak, our Pulmonology department has provided treatment facilities to more than 1000 Patients as inpatient service during first wave and around 250-300 during second wave.

Our Doctors:  

     MBBS.MD (RADIODIAGNOSIS). Having experience of about 5 years.
     MBBS.MS (OBGYN); Fellowship in advanced obstetrics & gynecology ultrasound Having experience of about 6 years.

Our Experts

Dr. Sreeram